Description Edit

Aerodactyl seems to be some sort of dinosaur, both its name and look appear to be based off of the Pterodactyls, an extinct and flying animal.

  • Pokedex Number: #142
  • Category: Fossil Pokemon
  • Pokedex Description: In prehistoric times, this Pokemon flew freely and fearlessly through the skies.
  • Type: Rock/Flying
  • Name Origin: Combination of "Aero," meaning air because it flies, and "Pterodactyl," because it is an extinct flying dinosaur

Advantages and Disadvantages Edit

Immunity: Ground (0x)

Resistance: Normal (1/2x)/Flying (1/2x)/Poison (1/2x)/Bug (1/2x)/Fire (1/2x)

Weaknesses: Rock (2x)/Steel (2x)/Water (2x)/Electric (2x)/Ice (2x)

Location Edit

  • Mt. Moon, you just have to walk around until it appears. Rare.
  • From the Roulette, use Robux in order to have a chance to get any Pokemon, including Aerodactyl.

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