List of all currently documented scammers. Do not let people borrow your Pokemon, don't expect them to return it.

Pokemonpark05, Pokemonpark04, Pokemonpark03, Pokemonpark02, Pokemonpark01 - Reason: Wanted to "borrow" a MewTwo in order to beat the 8th gym, rejected trades and left the game instead of returning said Pokemon. (Pokemonpark05 through 02 are his alternate accounts. Pokemonpark01 is his main. None are to be trusted). Do not trust ANY IKingOfNoobs he said he will give me two Pokémon to beat Sabrina but instead he told me to give him it first. After that he saved the game and left the game now I have no chance of beating her. :( My Pokémon was very weak and my best was a level 53 Rapidash after that.

More Scammers:





Please do not trade with these people, as they likely have obtained their legendaries through illegitimate methods and will likely attempt to scam you and all traders after you if there are no repercussions to their actions.

Feel free to add more people. Remeber if you just got caught by these trainers, write your name and write the name down!

- Victor_0857- lost a Mew

-mlgbobbyg-lost a articuno

- DiakenXu - lost a Mespirit

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