Pokemans 386


Deoxys is a Psychic type legendary pokemon from space. how it was created is unknown

To find it you have to go to mysterious grotto. There you can find a man with a ladder in front of him. Walk up the ladder and walk over a stone bridge and when you get to the patch of grass with pichu in it then you can start hunting for deoxys. These will lead you to get the legendary deoxy. It is however really rare to find.

Atackes Edit

Normal Form - This is Deoxys' standard form.

Attack Form - In this form, Deoxys' Attack and Special Attack rise while its defense and special defense fall.

Defence Form - In this form, Deoxys' Defense and Special Defense rise while its speed, Attack and Special Attack fall.

Speed Form - In this form, Deoxys' stats are balanced, in exchange it's Attack and Special Attack are lowered greatly.

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