Fomantis Are Rarely Found At Snow Canyon

Minimum Level: 80

Maximum Level: 85

Evolution Edit

Fomantis Evolves Into Lurantis At Day Starting At Level 34

Base Stats: Edit

Attack: 55

Defence: 35

HP: 40

Speed: 35

Sp.Attack: 50

Sp.Defence: 35

Total: 250

Best Stats: Attack, Sp.Attack

Worst Stats: Speed, Defence, Sp.Defence

Pokedex: Edit

508: Sickle Grass Pokémon

Regions: Alola

Entry: Is This A Flower Mimicking A Mantis Or A Mantis Mimicking A Flower? The World May Never Find Out.

Advantages/Disadvantages Edit

Normal Defence To: (X1 Damage) Edit

Normal, Fairy, Fighting, Ghost, Steel, Dark, Dragon, Psychic, Rock

Weak To: (X2 Damage) Edit

Flying, Poison, Bug, Flying, Ice, Fire

Resistant To: (X1/2 Damage) Edit

Ground, Water, Grass, Electric

Immune To: (X0 Damage) Edit


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