Details Edit

Once it begins to rampage, a Gyarados will burn everything down, even in a harsh storm.

  • Type: Water/Flying
  • Pokedex: #130
  • Location: Mysterious Grotto, it is close to the Deoxys-S meteorite
  • Rarity: Magikarp is Uncommon
  • Evolution Chain: Magikarp ->20lvl Gyarados
  • Best Stats: Attack; Sp. Defens
  • Worst Stats: Defense; Sp. Attack
    Pokemans 130

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit


  • Immune to: Ground
  • Strong Defense to: Fire; Water; Fighting; Bug; Steel
  • Weak Defense to: Electric (4x), Rock

With Water Attack

  • No Effect to: None
  • Strong Attack to: Fire; Ground; Rock
  • Weak Attack to: Water; Grass; Dragon

With Flying Attack

  • No Effect to: None
  • Strong Attack to: Grass; Fighting; Bug
  • Weak Attack to: Electric; Rock; Steel