Hey Guys Sup now this time im telling you how to beat E4 and Champion if you wanna check out the last 1 i made check this Page out Let Start

Pokemons needed:

Mewtwo, Darkrai, Mew, Keldeo, (any from Forces of Nature Trio), Cresselia

  1. Mewtwo Moves (Psystrike,Calm Mind,Aura Sphere,Recover)

Use Mewtwo on Lorelei's Pure Ice type and Bruno's Fighting type

2. Darkrai Moves (Dark Pulse,Dark Void,Focus Blast,Dream Eater)

Use Darkrai on Gary for most of his team has Weakness if Fighting move and use Dark moves against his Psychic Pokemons

3. Mew Moves (Transform,Earthquake,Calm Mind,Charge Beam)

Us Mew on Extra pokes like Dewgong with Charge Beam  and other water types Transform Makes you transform into The E4 Legends

4. Keldeo moves (Close Combat,Hydro Pump,Double Kick,Aqua Jet

Use Keldeo on Gary's Slaking and Arceus its an Advantage 2 some of Lorele's pokemon

U plan for the 5th pokemon 

6. Cresselia moves (Moonblast,Calm Mind,Recover,Ice Beam)

Cresselia is just good enough to beat the E4

Please note that these Pokemon are not required to beat the Elite Four. Most Pokemon have chances of beating the Elite Four and Gary, and these Pokemon are simply some of the best for the job. It is recommended to pack a lot of Full Restores and Revives into your bag. Some Max Elixirs are also helpful, but they are not required.

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