This is to know how to know where is and what is hunch area

Hunch Areas are Places where Overpowered pokemon is but they are extremely rare

In Cinnabar Volcano go to the last house and Interact a guy with red wings he will say:

rare pokemon can be found at <PlaceName> *Ex. Rare Pokemons can be found at Route 22*

Example of the pokemons are:

Kel: (a pokemon with no hairline and absolutely horrible moves such as splash) this disgraceful thing to the Pokemon society is sometimes seen with a mega stone!Suprisingly...

basil ( a completely rubbish Pokemon because his attack is bum attack!)

Regigigas(shiny/aura) note that encountering this pokemon will only have a 1% chance it will be holding a random mega stone.

regice ice type 0.1






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