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2017! -Roblox Project Pokemon Nozami Edition-20:37

2017! -Roblox Project Pokemon Nozami Edition-

Mega Evolutions were introduced into Roblox Project Pokemon on January 1st, 2017. You are able to get MegaStones from the PokeShops for Roblox(REAL Money) and hunting them in the wild.

Example: Let's say you run into a Meowth and you see a orb beside it, catch it and see what Mega Evolution you have!

All Mega Evolutions in the game Thus far:

RobloxPlayerBeta 2017-01-02 02-28-57
RobloxPlayerBeta 2017-01-02 02-28-36
RobloxPlayerBeta 2017-01-02 02-28-19
RobloxPlayerBeta 2017-01-02 02-27-48
RobloxPlayerBeta 2017-01-02 02-27-32

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