Hello! This is a page to help you get started with your adventure in the world of Pokemon!

Getting Started Edit

When you first play, you may see a New Game button. If this is your first time playing this game or you want to restart for some reason then click it. If you already have a saved profile, then click the 'Load Game' button.

You will start off in your home at Pallet Town, as the game is based off of the Kanto Region. Go outside of your home and visit Professor Oak's Lab. Inside, he will give you the choice to pick one of the many starter Pokemon. Once you have chosen your starter Pokemon, Your rival Gary, who chooses his starter with the 'super effective' advantage, will initiate a battle with you.

First Battle Edit

In the battle, the instruction is simple; just defeat Gary. The best strategy is just keep attacking with Tackle or Scratch (depending on the Pokemon) until Gary's Pokemon faints.


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