Pokemon are species that are crucial in a Pokemon Trainer's journey. They mostly resemble animals. Pokemon cannot speak English but only it's name will it say clearly. A Pokemon has many types. Listed down below.

  1. Ghost
  2. Flying
  3. Fighting
  4. Fairy
  5. Psychic
  6. Dark
  7. Normal
  8. Electric
  9. Rock
  10. Ground
  11. Bug
  12. Dragon
  13. Poison
  14. Ice
  15. Steel
  16. Fire
  17. Water
  18. Grass

Pokemon types have weaknesses and resistances, I will be listing it's explanations too down below.

  • Dark
  1. Dark > Psychic = Most people are afraid of the dark.
  2. Dark < Fighting = In an Anime, the good one will always win against the evil one, right?
  3. Dark < Bug = Most bugs see in the Dark, and that's the time they come out.
  4. Dark > Ghost = Ghosts have two types which is good and bad, Darkness consumes the souls of the ghostly ones to corrupt it.
  5. Dark = Dark = Dark vs Dark? I don't think so.
  6. Dark < Fairy = Light overrides Darkness.
  • Water
  1. Water < Electric = Electricity conducts Water.
  2. Water < Grass = Plants need Water to live.
  3. Water > Rock = Water slowly weathers (breaks down) rocks.
  4. Water > Ground = Water makes the ground Muddy.
  5. Water = Water = In Pokemon games, there is an ability called "Water Absorb" which means if a Pokemon that have this ability is hit with a water type move, It will be absorbed and the target is healed.
  • Grass
  1. Grass < Fire = Leaves are easily ignited by a candle or a flaming object.
  2. Grass < Flying = When birds swoop in and take their bug-prey, there is a chance that the leave might get swooped in too, and birds use sticks from trees to make their nests.
  • Any Moderator, please continue this.

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