• Route 1: South of Viridian City
  • Route 2: North of Viridian City, opposite side of the city of Route 1
  • Viridian Forest: Directly down Route 2
  • Route 3: Directly right of the Pewter City PokeCenter.
  • Mt. Moon: Down Route 3
  • Route 4: Just outside Mt. Moon
  • Route 5: North of the Cerulean City PokeCenter.
  • Route 6: At the end of Route 5, there is a house with a teleport pad that takes you there.
  • Route 7: Past Route 11 and 12, left of the huge grass patch in Lavender Town
  • Route 8: Past Route 7
  • Route 9: DOESN'T EXIST!
  • Route 10: The huge patch of grass at Lavender Town. Connects to Route 12 and 7
  • Route 11: Directly next to the PokeMart at Vermillion City
  • Route 12: Past Route 11
  • Route 13-15: DON'T EXIST!
  • Route 16: Directly next to the Pokemon Center at Celadon City.
  • Route 17: Near Fuschia City
  • Seafoam Cave: In front of Route 19
  • Route 19: Outside Seafoam Cave
  • Route 21: North of Saffron City
  • Route 22: Left of Viridian City
  • Mt. Cinnabar: Follow Route 21
  • Victory Road: Follow Route 22
  • Elegant Valley: Talk to the purple guy inside Indigo Plateau
  • Mysterious Grotto: Talk to the yellow guy inside Celadon City's Pokemon Center
  • Mausoleum of Origins: Beat the Adventurer At the camp in Fuschia City

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