The Elite Four are powerful trainers that specialize in a specific type of pokemon. Each has a signature legendary pokemon which they save for last. You must fight them all without any PokeCenter so it is important to bring lots of revives and full restores, also a few Max Elixers as your Pokemon may have to use the same moves over and over again. These are the four trainers you must beat before you face the Champion.

First EliteEdit


Specialty: Ice Types

Reward: 10000 Pokedollars


Level 80 Dewgong (Weakness: Electric/Grass/Fighting)

Level 80 Walrein (Weakness: Electric/Grass/Fighting)

Level 80 Mamoswine (Weakness: Fighting,WATER/Fighting,grass,Fire)

Level 80 Weavile (Weakness: Fire/Fighting/Rock)

Level 80 Lapras (Weakness: Grass/Electric/Fighting)

Level 85 Kyurem (Weakness: Dragon/Fairy/Rock/Steel/Fighting)

Second EliteEdit

Name: Bruno

Specialty: Fighting Types

Reward: 10000 Pokedollars


Level 85 Machamp (Weakness: Psychic/Flying)

Level 85 Heracross (Weakness: Psychic/Fire/Flying)

Level 85 Breloom (Weakness: Psychic/Fire/Flying)

Level 85 Gallade (Weakness: Ghost/Fairy)

Level 85 Lucario (Weakness: Fire/Ground/fighting)

Level 90 Keldeo (Weakness: Psychic/Electric/Flying)

Third EliteEdit

Name: Agantha

Specialty: Dark/Ghost

Reward: 10000 Pokedollars


Level 90 Mismagius (Weakness: Dark/Ghost)

Level 90 Dusknoir (Weakness:Dark/Ghost)

Level 90 Jellicent (Weakness:Dark/Ghost/Electric/Grass)

Level 90 Spiritomb (Weakness: Dark/Ghost)

Level 90 Gengar (Weakness: Dark/Ghost/Psychic)

Level 95 Giratina (Weakness: Dark/Ghost/Dragon/Fairy)

Fourth Elite Edit

Name: Lance

Specialty: Dragon Types

Reward: 10000 Pokedollars


Level 95 Kingdra (Weakness: Dragon/Fairy)

Level 95 Flygon (Weakness:Dragon/Fairy/Ice)

Level 95 Salamence (Weakness:Dragon/Fairy/Ice/Rock)

Level 95 Dragonite (Weakness: Dragon/Fairy/Ice/Rock)

Level 100 Palkia (Weakness: Dragon/Fairy)

Level 100 Dialga (Weakness: Fighting/Ground)

The Champion Edit

Name: Gary Oak

Specialty: Mixed

Reward: 20,000 Pokedollars


Level 100 Metagross (Weakness: Dark, Ground, Fire, Ghost)

Level 100 Tyranitar (Weakness: Bug Grass, Water, Steel, Ground, Fighting, Fairy)

Level 100 Alakazam (Weakness: Dark,Bug,Ghost)

Level 100 Slaking (Weakness: Fighting)

Level 100 Garchomp (Weakness: Ice, Dragon, Fairy)


LEVEL 100 ARCEUS (Weakness:Fighting) P.S. don't use Ghost types. And the best fighting move for it is Aura sphere

Then you become the new Pokemon Champion!

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