Trading is risky, yet rewarding. to trade, you must have joined the project pokemon community. This is a multiplayer feature, so i cannot give all aspects. you can send trade requests over the leaderboard although the person you want to trade with must have trading on. if he does, then he can either accept or decline. if he accepts, the trade is on. there are four things to remember when trading.

(the image did not load well, but it is an image of the old trade system)

  1. the other person wants good pokemon. the pokemon people want most tend to be either shinies, legendaries, or both, although people will be able to settle for less on a lesser scale trade, but you want to at least have rares.
  2. people can be mean. always look at your trades, because some people can cheat you out of your pokemon.
  3. drive a hard bargain. always try to give yourself the upper hand. be cunning, but not devious or cheating. remember that some people might be hiding their real rares in the PC. never settle for less than the best.
  4. Trades can be cheating. you can trade a lvl 1 magikarp for a lvl 100 groudon. if you want to play the game cleanly, be careful about trading

you can advertise your trades places if you are a serious trader, although that can lead to mishaps. the real thing to remember is that it is just a game. now you have the basics of trading, go do what you want with this info. happy trading!

Author: litedog (roblox name)