Hello all! Here is the place where you can advertise trading Pokemon. Just a few reminders to avoid being scammed:

  • Do not give anyone a free Pokemon because they want to borrow it.
  • All trades are final, Project Pokemon is not responsible for your lost Pokemon due to your agreement to 'trade.'
  • Once you trade a item, you need to understand that the Pokemon is NO longer yours.
  • Only 1 Starter Pokemon is available in the game. To obtain more Starter Pokemon you must buy the Game Pass. With that being said, trade your starter only at your own risk.
  • Do not give in to another players plea for a Pokemon. It does not matter if they call you names or claim their Pokemon is better, please trade only if you will be happy on the receiving end.

More rules:

  1. This page is for trading, do not ask for FREE Pokemon, you can do that in the game.

Happy Trading!